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Intrago Incorporated is a leading consultancy at the nexus of technology and business, helping clients define key strategies, manage major technology initiatives, optimize operations and achieve high returns on their IT investments. Our experienced practitioners apply rigorous methodologies, critical thinking, deep analytics, and knowledge management to solve your most pressing issues and deliver maximum business value.

Our solutions address the breadth of your business needs from defining key strategies to achieve business objectives, developing enterprise plans to manage IT risk, and managing your most critical initiatives. We work with you through all stages of the project lifecycle to help solve your greatest challenges. We help you make critical decisions on your IT direction, define the initiatives and roadmap to achieve that direction, and work with you to ensure these key initiatives are delivered successfully.



Program Management
Deliver your most critical initiatives successfully by applying the rigor and discipline of strong and independent program management practices that identify and manage risks, schedule and costs. Implement a Program Management Office to execute the processes required to assess and monitor progress to keep these initiatives on track.



Risk Management
Effectively manage risk across the enterprise by developing comprehensive plans for business continuity in the event of a disaster, protect your critical information assets, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as


Sourcing Execution & Management
Make key sourcing decisions that support business objectives, select the right service provider and negotiate the best agreement, and implement the management processes and tools to manage today’s complex single or multi-sourced environment to achieve the intended value of the agreement.



Strategy & Architecture
Align your IT direction with the business strategy, make key technology choices, design an efficient and effective organization and list of processes, establish an effective governance model and strengthen IT management processes to effectively manage your critical IT investments and priorities.  Read more...